Thursday, October 4, 2007

10 Things: Step 4

Ok, I already have a Myspace account and a Facebook account. According to the rules I have to create another account on a different social networking site. I was going to make a fake account anyway, so I decided to bring my creativity to a whole new level by signing up for Eons, a social networking site designed for people ages 50+ (yes I lied about my age). I wrote an about me section and I made two new friends; one of them being Hilary Clinton. I suspected that Eons would be totally different than Myspace, and it sort of is. But it really reminds me of Facebook. Initially, I signed up so I can spy on what 50+ year olds do for fun, and I have concluded that they are from this planet, although I don't consider many of their hobbies 'fun' (Native American Art, Indians, Writing books, watching sunsets, etc). Sorry to disappoint any of you who thought I was going to reveal how 50+ year olds live their lives because they all seem pretty normal to me.

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