Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 Things: Step 10!!!!

Vince is now done with 10 Things!

So I followed the link to the digital book collection and just tried downloading the first book that appeared, which was Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay. All I had to do was enter my library card number and I was all ready for download. Since I already have Adobe Reader on my home computer, there was no need to download any unnecessary software. The download time took a little over a second and there it was, my first downloaded ebook. All I can say is that it looks like a book, it reads like a book, and it is a book! But when it's on a computer, I feel like I'm missing something. It just doesn't feel the same, I miss turning the pages and the whiffing sound it makes. Personally, I would rather stick to a real book. I find them more convenient to carry around since they can fit easily into compact spaces. In conclusion, I just like books better although I think ebooks are somewhat cool as well.

I think the SPL website is really well organized. I have never downloaded an ebook in my life and I was able to do so without any problem. All I had to do was read the instructions and follow the link on the SPL website. All I can say is that the SPL website is well structured and very user friendly. Really good stuff.

Hopefully I remember the new things I've learned during this experience and maybe I'll run into them in the future and know exactly what I'm doing. I'm Done!!!



rich said...

hi vincent. great job completing all 10 things! i hope you keep blogging. you should post a video of you playing your new guitar!

Karen Soto said...

WU HU Welcome to the top of "I completed the ten things" mountain. Very Cool :)

Jo Robinson said...

Hi Vincent great job on completing the Ten Things....Now since u have all this free time u can do mine for me.....LOL....:)

vtam3 said...

Ummmm.......doubtful. Unless you throw in a X360, PS3, and a 70 inch HD flat screen tv. :)