Monday, October 1, 2007

10 Things: Step 1

Hi, this is Vincent reporting my progress with Step 1 of 10 Things.

I had no problem making this blog even though it was the first one I've ever made. The instructions were straight forward......yep.

I've looked at a couple blogs from the SPL Staff and they have a lot of stuff written on it. I can see a SPL Blog being used for online interaction between patrons and staff alike. It might not gain momentum at first, but once people are aware of blogging at its function, I think the SPL Blog will be a huge success. The SPL can make use of blogging by posting future events and having patrons express their feelings towards it; before and after. Having a SPL Blog will make it easier for everyone to communicate quickly and expand on ideas.

Personally, I'm not much of a blogging person and I don't see myself spending too much time updating my own blog. However, I do occasionally take time to read through some of my friend's blogs. All in all, I do think having a SPL Blog would be a good idea and maybe someone will give it a shot in the future.

Please take care of yourselves and have a wonderful week.


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The Skokie Ten said...

Vincent! This blog seriously rocks... it SERIOUSLY rocks!